2017 National Alternative Fuel Vehicle (AFV) Day

Why is Odyssey sponsorship important to you? Because Odyssey places your company and products in front of 100,000 consumers, fleet managers and policymakers at more than 100 events across the United States. And – these are people who already have an interest in alternative fuels, energy security and the environment. An additional 200 million consumers are reached through the media.

What does it mean to the overall success of the alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicle industry? It changes peoples’ minds – it empowers consumers to “Make a Difference.”

In 2014, after attending an Odyssey event, 74% of attendees indicated that they would consider purchasing an alternative fuel or advanced technology vehicle for personal use.

Also, following the Odyssey event, 87% supported expanding the availability of local alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicle options.

To sponsor National AFV Day Odyssey at the national level, call Judy Moore or Virginia McMillen at 304-293-7882 or email naftc@mail.wvu.edu

Toyota National Public Affairs Manager Martha Voss speaks about the benefits of alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicles at the National Media Kickoff Event in New York City.