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Selector Lever Assembly/Shift Lever Position Sensor

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The selector lever assembly/shift lever position sensor detects the shift position: reverse (R), neutral (N), drive (D), and braking (B). When the driver selects a position, the corresponding hybrid vehicle's computer notes the driver's request and carries out the action. The action may require the internal combustion engine (ICE) and the hybrid transaxle to carry out the action. For example, the driver may move the vehicle forward or backward or request no forward or reverse motion (neutral position).

When the driver selects a position, the hybrid vehicle electronic control unit (HV ECU) processes the request and commands the inverter to apply three-phase alternating current (AC) power to motor/generator (MG) 2 within the transaxle. MG 2 will propel the vehicle in a forward or reverse direction depending on the selection. If it is necessary to operate the internal combustion engine (ICE), the inverter is commands MG1 to start the ICE. The ICE may work with MG2 in all forward positions to assist with propulsion.

When the driver selects the braking (B) position, the HV ECU commands the inverter to apply a current to MG2 that is used to create a magnetic brake within the transmission. This is different than regenerative braking which captures energy for storage in the high-voltage battery. The B position is selected when the driver is descending down a long, steep grade and the high-voltage battery is fully charged to its full capacity of 60%.

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Selector Lever Assembly

Selector Lever Assembly