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Combination Meter/Multi-Information Display

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The combination meter houses the illuminated display illustrated within the dashboard. A number of different screenshots may be displayed by selecting a particular setting. One of the major displays within the combination meter is the multi-information display. This shows hybrid system information, fuel consumption, and warning messages as the different systems are used.

Shift Position Indicator
The shift position indicator, which the driver has selected, illuminates in accordance with the shift position signals from the hybrid vehicle electronic control unit (HV ECU).

Multi-information Display
The multi-information display shows warning messages to alert the driver in accordance with a fault signals provided by the HV ECU along with other onboard control units. The master warning light may illuminate depending on the message displayed on the multi-information display.

The vacuum fluorescent display (VFD), which has a stable operating characteristic and emits a very bright light with clear contrast, indicates the vehicle speed, fuel, instantaneous fuel consumption, shift position, and multi-information display.

The figure below illustrates all the systems wired directly into the combination meter assembly or indirectly through a communication network within the vehicle.

Multi-information Display diagram of the wired system

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Multi-information Display: Ready State

Combination Meter/Multi-Information Display: The figure above indicates the vehicle is ready and waiting for the driver to select a gear. Notice the seat belt warning light is illuminated in the upper left corner of the screen; this is an example of the different messages a driver may receive.

Multi-information Display: Proof Circuits

Combination Meter/Multi-Information Display: The figure above illustrates the proof circuits to the far left and the right of the screen. These lights will go out when the vehicle is put into "ready mode" unless there is a problem with that circuit. Problem circuits will stay illuminated to alert the driver of an issue.